Azure Ministries / Counseling

Our History

Azure Ministries started out as Christian CO-OP back in the late seventies. It was an attempt to unite the churches in a small community to help others. In the early eighties, a Christian brother (Jay) and I started working with youth groups across the U.S. We changed the name of the ministry to JR Brothers Ministries. We traveled to 38 states and Mexico teaching and performing for children and teens. After having our own children, travel became difficult and we had to slow down. In 2007, we opened a Vocational School (VS) in east Austin. The goals of the VS were to teach hands on skills, work ethics, and financial management to at-risk teens. The program flourished and we have been able to help dozens of teens prepare for their future. Again, age and physical ability began to limit our ability to maintain the Vocational school. Another avenue was needed to further the ministry. In 2019, we opened a counseling practice in south Austin and changed our name to Azure Ministries. This allowed us to further our outreach. Our future goal is to open a full counseling center and a couples retreat. Below are a few pictures of our past, present and future endeavors. 

Azure Ministries created over 30 children's programs at various churches and children's homes across Texas. We traveled the U.S. and Mexico doing light and paint productions geared towards teens.

JR Brothers Vocational Automotive created hands on projects to help teens learn life skills. We restored several vehicles, built camp trailers and BBQ pits as well as participated in community projects.

Azure Ministries has published several childrens books.

Azure Counseling Center

Azure has a small practice in south Austin. Our mission is to provide affordable counseling and support for low income individuals and families. We also offer pre-marital and couples counseling as well as  parenting and anger management programs. We have future dreams of opening a full center as well as a couples retreat. The retreat is a getaway for couples that are struggling with their relationship. I hope to create a stress free retreat along with coaching and counseling to help them deal and heal their relationship.

The Black Prison is a future book that I am slowly working on. The name is derived from the sleepless nights we spend laying in bed staring at the darkness thinking about the unknown.